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Now in Effect: New Outdoor Watering Restrictions

To Our Valued Business Customers:

It’s no secret California is in a historic drought. The good news is thanks to years of investment in conservation programs and water-saving efforts by all of you, we’re doing a good job at saving water, but we all need to do more, and we need to do it now.

We urge you—our largest customers—to lead the way. From replacing turf with sustainable landscaping to making high-efficiency equipment upgrades, our commercial programs can help your business achieve financial savings while becoming a leader in water conservation within your community.

Water Conservation Rebate Program

We’ve increased commercial rebates to $300 for premium high efficiency toilets, and business customers can also save on high-efficiency urinals, cooling tower controllers, high efficiency irrigation nozzles, and more.

Technical Assistance Program

Maximize your facility’s water conservation by modernizing your equipment and technology through the Technical Assistance Program. A recent change now pays up to $2 million in rebates for eligible custom water conservation projects, including cooling tower water efficiency upgrades and implementation of recirculation systems.

Turf Replacement Program

The Turf Replacement Program offers rebates of up to $3 per square foot when you plant native and California Friendly® plants; incorporate mulch and other groundcover for soil moisture retention; and install a rainwater capture feature. Environmental benefits of a sustainable landscape also include reducing runoff and bolstering your local wildlife habitat.

Eligible Residential customers can now also get a customized Landscape Transformation Design done for their property at no cost which would comply with the turf replacement rebate requirements. To learn more, visit

For information about the outdoor watering rules, water-saving tips and money saving rebates. Visit

If we all do our part, we’ll be able to meet today’s water challenges and avoid even stronger restrictions in the months that lie ahead.

We’ve got this, LA.